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Women who use yasmin may experience absence of withdrawal bleeding, even if they are not pregnant.

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Information about Yasmin.

Taking Yasmin can increase your risk of blood clotsstrokeor heart attackYou are even more at risk if you have high blood pressurediabeteshigh cholesterolor if you are overweightYour risk of stroke or blood clot is highest during your first year of taking birth control pillsYour risk is also high when you restart birth control pills after not taking them for 4 weeks or longer.

In clinical studiesadministration of a hormonal contraceptive containing EE did not lead to any increase or only to a weak increase in plasma concentrations of CYP3A4 substratese.gmidazolamwhile plasma concentrations of CYP2C19 substratese.gomeprazole and voriconazoleand CYP1A2 substratese.gtheophylline and tizanidinecan have a weak or moderate increase.

To achieve maximum contraceptive effectivenessYasmin must be taken as directedin the order directed on the blister packSingle missed pills should be taken as soon as remembered.

If you miss 1 active pilltake 2 pills on the day you rememberContinue taking 1 pill per day as usual for the rest of the pack.

There have been reports of pregnancy while taking hormonal contraceptives and antibioticsbut clinical pharmacokinetic studies have not shown consistent effects of antibiotics on plasma concentrations of synthetic steroids.

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