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Processed inAcacia TreeBabbulaAcacia niloticaBabool is an astringent and cooling herb that is used in Ayurvedic medicine for urinary tract health Horse GramKulatthaDolichos biflorusHorse gram is commonly used as a herbal remedy for urinary tract healthIt shows adipogenesis inhibitory activity KumariAloe VeraAloe vera is a soothing herb whose properties help to alleviate swelling and burning.

Himplasia is a well known product for relieving symptoms of benign prostatic hyperlasia and its benefits with the reduction in prostate weightMoreoverthis product can also inhibit prostatic stromal proliferationHimplasia is highly capable as it detains both alpha-adrenoceptor antagonistic and 5-alpha reductase enzyme inhibitory activities.

Cerniltonprepared from the rye-grass pollen Secale cerealeis one of several phytotherapeutic agents available for the treatment of BPHIt is used by millions of men worldwide and is a registered pharmaceutical product throughout Western EuropeJapanKorea and ArgentinaThe Cernilton trials analysed were limited by their short durationlimited number of enroleesomissions in reported outcomesand the unknown quality of the preparations usedThe comparative trials had no confirmed active controlThe available evidence suggests that Cernilton is well tolerated and modestly improves overall urological symptomsincluding nocturia49]

Himplasia is a safe herbal product that will assist your male fertility by helping you to maintain a healthy prostrate and a capable reproductive function.

Noctoria is one of the bothersome LUTS and also most difficult to eliminate in aging menNocturnal polyurea associated with circadian change of arginine vasopressine and atrial natriuretic peptide in the elderly has been suggested as the most dominant type of nocturiaDesmopressin is effective in treating nocturia to improve the patients QOLalthough a few adverse events such as hypernatremia might occur45]

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