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To avoid baclofen side effects or withdrawal symptoms, be sure to only take the medication according to the way it was prescribed.

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Tak th missd dos as soon as you mmb it. Howv, i it is almost tim th nxt dos, skip th missd dos and continu you gula dosing schdul. Dnot tak a doubl dos tmak up a missd on.

It is not known whth baclon passs intbast milk i it could ham a nusing baby. You should not bast-d whil you a using this mdicin.

Mmb that you docthas pscibd this mdication bcaus h sh has judgd that th bnit tyou is gat than th isk sid cts. Many popl using this mdication dnot hav sious sid cts.

A vy sious allgic action tthis dug is a. Howv, gt mdical hlp ight away i you notic any symptoms a sious allgic action, including: ash, itching/swlling (spcially th ac/tongu/thoat), sv dizzinss, toubl bathing.

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historically, baclofen was designed as a drug for treating epilepsy.

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