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Motor restlessnessakathisiamay consist of feelings of anxietyagitationjitterinessand insomniaas well as inability to sit stillpacingfoot tappingThese symptoms may disappear spontaneously or respond to a reduction in dosage.

Reglan Injection may be used to stimulate gastric emptying and intestinal transit of barium in cases where delayed emptying interferes with radiological examination of the stomach and/or small intestine.

Metoclopramide should be discontinued in patients who develop signs or symptoms of TDThere is no known effective treatment for established cases of TDalthough in some patientsTD may remitpartially or completelywithin several weeks to months after metoclopramide is withdrawn.

The antiemetic properties of metoclopramide appear to be a result of its antagonism of central and peripheral dopamine receptorsDopamine produces nausea and vomiting by stimulation of the medullary chemoreceptor trigger zoneCTZand metoclopramide blocks stimulation of the CTZ by agents like ldopa or apomorphine which are known to increase dopamine levels or to possess dopamine-like effectsMetoclopramide also abolishes the slowing of gastric emptying caused by apomorphine.

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reglan metoclopramide up to 6 hours if given orally.

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