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Sildenafil works by helping the smooth muscle of the penis to relaxwhich opens up penile blood vessels more fullyMore blood is able to therefore invade the penis quicklyfilling up the spongy tissue which results in an erect penis.

If erectile dysfunction isn’t a problemSome men may think they can use sildenafil doxycycline hyclate price walmart even if they have no problem getting an erect penisThey may think this could somehow make their erection even harder than it is or that it may enable them to last longer during sexBut studies have indicated that sildenafil provides no real benefit to a man without erectile problemsMore importantlysome doctors suggest that using the drug when it’s not needed could over time lead the body to expect and depend on itso that a man could have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection without using itIf it may not be realUnscrupulous people peddle fake versions of many different drugsincluding sildenafilThey usually charge a much cheaper price than one would pay for the real thingbut it doesn’t offer the benefitsAnd depending on what ingredients are actually in ita fake version could cause harmOnly use sildenafil prescribed by a qualified and reliable doctorIf other conditions are presentMany drugs are good at treating one condition but may exacerbate other conditionsIt’s recommended that a man with heart diseaseheart attackstrokelow blood pressureliver problems and some kinds of vision problems may want to avoid sildenafilIt’s important for a man to check with his doctor to determine if using sildenafil will have a negative impact on other health issuesIf he is on some other medicationsBy the same tokensome drugs are not meant to be taken at the same time and can cause interactionssome minor and some majorAgainchecking with a doctor is advisedIf partyingDrinking too much alcohol or ingesting illegal substances can potentially cause a problem with sildenafil.

Advances in treatments that enable a man to more easily attain an erect penis have made a huge difference among men in whom erectile dysfunction can be an issueThese developments have had a clear impact on sexual and penis health and have benefitted manymany menand their partnersOne of the more popular treatments involves the drug sildenafilwhich is marketed under various popular brand namesWhile sildenafil can be very effective at helping a man achieve an erect penisthere are times when a guy should refrain from using the drug.

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