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Metformin is a biguanide that treats diabetes in two ways .

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Many people we interviewed were also prescribed a statin preventively to reduce their blood cholesterolSeveral people found this confusingthough it is standard practice for doctors to prescribe statins to people with type 2 diabetes even if their cholesterol levels are within the healthy range.

I discussed this with my GP because he saidLookare you concerned about taking this tabletI saidWell nobecause taking this tablet has reduced the risk to me from all the other things that diabetes gives meSo overallmy risk of getting something is lower and if I don’t treat my diabetes I’ve got a higher risk of heart problems anyway

Two weeks agoI’ve had the pioglitazoneThey’ve introduced that one into itSobecause they increased the metformin and the gliclazideand that really didn’t have the desired effectSoyesyou knowI think they call it triyou knowtri something or othersoyou knowi.ethreetriple cheap bestinauto dosageSoyes.

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