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In th mantim, MacKinnon and h patn hav chosn tkp thi child. Thy say dspit th challngs th dcision may pos inancially, th pai is looking owad twlcoming thi nw baby gil in August.

Onst xacbation migain dvlopmnt hadach with nw pattn that is cunt, psistnt, sv quis discontinuation oal contacptivs and valuation th caus.

Tak on pill vy day, nmthan 24 hous apat. Whn th pills un out, stat a nw pack th ollowing day. You may gt pgnant i you dnot tak on pill daily. Gt you psciption illd byou un out pills compltly.

Smoking can incas you isk blood clots, stok, hat attack causd by Alss, spcially i you a old than 35.

“It is just kind scay. I might hav not takn thos pills had I known soon,” said MacKinnon.

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