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Rarely encountered side effects of proventil hfa include the worsening of breath rate, asthma persistence, sudden wheezing etc.

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DESIGNRandomizeddouble-blinddouble-dummy parallel groupplacebo-controlledmulticenter trial of asthmatics requiring inhaled beta-adrenergic bronchodilators for symptom control.

Cough difficulty breathing difficulty with swallowing hives or welts hoarseness largehive-like swelling on the faceeyelidslipstonguethroathandslegsfeetor sex organs noisy breathing redness of the skin shortness of breath skin rash slow or irregular breathing swelling of the mouth or throat tightness in the chest wheezing.

OBJECTIVEAs a secondary objective to a long-term study evaluating the bronchodilator effectiveness of Proventil HFAalbuterolto assess the safety of Proventil HFAVentolinand hydrofluoroalkane 134aHFA-134aplacebo over 12 weeks of regular dosing.

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