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An antacid, or kaopectate; alprazolam xanax ; cancer medications; clonidine catapres ; supplements or medications that contain calcium; a diuretic water pill , such as spironolactone aldactone, aldactazide ; amphotericin b fungizone, ambisome, abelcet ; cholestyramine questran, prevalite ; epinephrine epipen ; indomethacin indocin ; isoproterenol isuprel ; itraconazole sporanox ; levothyroxine synthroid, levothroid, and others ; metoclopramide reglan ; neomycin mycifradin, neo-fradin, neo-tab ; rifampin rifadin, rifater, rifamate ; st.

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Information about Indocin.

Taking these drugs with indomethacin may increase order voveran 50 your risk of bleeding in your stomach or intestines.

Adding plans allows you to compare formulary status to other drugs in the same class.

Do not crushchewbreakor open an extended-release capsuleSwallow the pill wholeIt is specially made to release medicine slowly in the bodyBreaking or opening the pill would cause too much of the drug to be released at one time.

Do not use this medicine just before or after heart bypass surgerycoronary artery bypass graftor CABG

Kidney problems can sometimes occur with the use of NSAID medicationsincluding indomethacinProblems are more likely to occur if you are dehydratedhave heart failure or kidney diseaseare an older adultor if you take certain medicationssee also Drug Interactions sectionDrink plenty of fluids as directed by your doctor to prevent dehydration and tell your doctor right away if you have a change in the amount of urine.

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, e-mycin, eryc, ery-tab, pce, others or clarithromycin biaxin ; indomethacin indocin ; itraconazole sporanox ; metoclopramide reglan ; rifampin rifadin, rimactane ; sulfasalazine azulfidine ; or tetracycline broadspec, emtet, panmycin, sumycin, tetracap, others .

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