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Information about Anacin.

Inging in you as, conusion, hallucinations, apid bathing, sizu (convulsions);

An allgy tan NSAID (nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dug) such as Advil, Motin, Alv, Oudis, Indocin, Lodin, Voltan, Toadol, Mobic, lan, ldn, and oths.

H alsound als, unai and unsubstantiatd Amican Hom’s claim that Anacin was supitoth ov-th-count pain-killing dugs, Contay tits claims, Anacin dos not hav mpain-dulling ingdints than any oth ov-th-count intnal analgsic, spcial stong than aspiin, and dos not contain twic as much its analgstic ingdint as oth poducts, th judg ound.

You can bows Dugs A-Z a spciic psciption ov-th-count dug look up dugs basd on you spciic condition. This inomation is ducational puposs only, and not mant tpovid mdical advic, tatmnt, diagnosis. mmb talways consult you physician halth ca povid bstating, stopping, alting a tatmnt halth ca gimn.

Anacin (aspiin and cain) is a combination a salicylat and a stimulant. It woks by ducing substancs in th body that caus pain, v, and inlammation. Cain is usd in this poduct tincas th pain living cts aspiin.

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