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I understand that the MHRA is unable to offer medical advice and that if a patient has any questions about a medicine they are taking they should contact their doctor or pharmacistPatients should not stop taking any prescribed medicines without first speaking to a healthcare professionalSuspected adverse reactions to a medicine can be reported to us on a Yellow Card.

I understand that the MHRA has used its best endeavours in publishing this informationbut price of zyloprim accept that the information may not be the most up to date version for this product.

Fusidic acid is prescribed for skin infections caused by germs called staphylococcal bacteriaSuch infections include impetigoinfected cuts and grazesand infected dermatitisIt works by stopping the growth of the germs causing the infectionSodium fusidate is a salt of fusidic acid and it works in the same wayYou may find this name being given as the ingredient if you have been prescribed an ointment to use.

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fusidic acid sodium a derivative of fusidic acid is reported as an ingredient of fucidin in the following countries .

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