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Methylphenidate and amantadine showed promise for reducing fatigue in patients with advanced disease.

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This dug may mak you dizzy dowsy blu you vision. Alcohol maijuana can mak you mdizzy dowsy. Dnot div, us machiny, danything that nds altnss cla vision until you can dit saly. Limit alcoholic bvags. Talk tyou docti you a using maijuana.

Dint bands this mdication may hav dint uss. Dnot chang bands this mdication unlss dictd by you docto.

Amantadin is containdicatd in sv nal impaimnt and patints with pilpsy. In addition, it should b usd cautiously in ldly patints (impaid nal unction?).

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similarly, in studies in patients with phenothiazine-induced parkinsonian signs and symptoms, amantadine was at least as effective in decreasing extrapyramidal symptoms as benztropine mesylate or trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride.

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