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Ist timst: Tst tdocumnt chlamydial adication and tst inction 3 months at tatmnt Scond thid timst: Tst tdocumnt chlamydial adication.

Whil using Amoxil, you may nd qunt blood tsts. You kidny and liv unction may alsnd tb chckd.

Sious and occasionally atal hypsnsitivity actions (including anaphylactoid and sv cutanous advs actions) hav bn potd in patints on pnicillin thapy. Ths actions a mlikly toccu in individuals with a histoy pnicillin hypsnsitivity and in atopic individuals. I an allgic action occus, amoxicillin thapy must b discontinud and appopiat altnativ thapy institutd.

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amoxil amoxicillin is a penicillin antibiotic that fights bacteria.

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