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Stronger multidisciplinary evidence and widely implemented management guidelines are essential before we recommend the reintroduction of monotherapy with cefixime, which has previously, and might in the future, select for resistance to ceftriaxone.

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Cefixime is used to treat certain infections caused by bacteria such as bronchitisinfection of the airway tubes leading to the lungsgonorrheaa sexually transmitted diseaseand infections of the earsthroattonsilsand urinary tractCefixime is in a class of medications called cephalosporin antibioticsIt works by killing bacteria.

Sexually transmitted diseasesor STDsare infections that are transmitted during any type of sexual exposureincluding.

This is not a complete list of possible side effectsIf you notice other effects not listed abovecontact your doctor or pharmacist.

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cefixime is an antibiotic in the cephalosporin class.

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