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1 in a placebo-controlled trial in agitated inpatients meeting dsm-iv criteria for schizophrenia n 270 , four fixed intramuscular olanzapine for injection doses of 2.

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Bipolar I DisorderManic or Mixed EpisodesOlanzapine as Adjunct to Lithium or ValproateIn a study of patients who were already tolerating either lithium or valproate as monotherapydiscontinuation rates due to adverse reactions were 11for the combination of oral olanzapine with lithium or valproate compared to 2for patients who remained on lithium or valproate monotherapyDiscontinuations with the combination of oral olanzapine and lithium or valproate that occurred in more than 1 patient weresomnolence3weight gain1and peripheral edema1

Transientasymptomatic elevations of hepatic aminotransferasesALTAST have been seen commonlyespecially in early treatmentCaution should be exercised and follow-up organised in cheap tricorn hat patients with elevated ALT and/or ASTin patients with signs and symptoms of hepatic impairmentin patients with pre-existing conditions associated with limited hepatic functional reserveand in patients who are being treated with potentially hepatotoxic medicinesIn cases where hepatitisincluding hepatocellularcholestatic or mixed liver injuryhas been diagnosedolanzapine treatment should be discontinued.

Examples of drugs that can cause interactions with olanzapine are listed below.

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hydrocodone; phenylephrine moderate concomitant use of hydrocodone with other cns depressants like olanzapine may lead to hypotension, profound sedation, coma, respiratory depression and death.

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