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AWeight gain is not a side effect associated with metoprololIf you are experiencing a sudden change in weightyou should consult your arava homes for sale physician as this can be a sign of fluid retention.

You should also let your doctor know if you have pheochromocytomaa rare tumor that develops on a gland near the kidneys that can cause high blood pressure and a fast heartbeat.

AMetoprolol belongs to a group of drugs called beta-blockers that affect the heart and circulationblood flow through arteries and veinsIt is used to treat anginachest painhypertensionhigh blood pressureand to treat or prevent heart attackMedicines are sometimes prescribed for conditions that are not mentioned in the patient leaflet and/or prescribing informationThese uses are not approved by the U.SFood and Drug Administration and are often referred to asunlabeled usesoff-label usesorunapproved usesMetoprolol has a variety of these unlabeled uses including migraine preventiontreatment of tremorsand anxietyCommon side effects of metoprolol include nauseavomitingdecreased sex driveimpotenceinsomniatirednessand nervousnessThis is not a complete list of side effects that can occur with metoprololFor more specific informationconsult with your doctor or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medicationsparticularly before taking any actionSarah LewisRPhPharmD.

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a the adverse effects of metoprolol toprol xl or lopressor are generally mild and temporary.

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