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Unlike anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications, ashwagandha doesn t cause any adverse reactions.

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Information about Ashwagandha.

Commnt: Taking ashwagandha 3 days continuously causd palpitations m. It dinitly lt lik it gav m som ngy but th sid ct is lot missd hat bats, not a plasant ling. lt btt at i stoppd it. It took almost a wk tgt back tnomal. Plas watch out this symptom. Hid ull Commnt.

On human study publishd in th Intnational Jounal Ayuvda sach ound that using th hb hat halth (in combination with anoth Ayuvdic hb) was hlpul in impoving muscl stngth and nduanc.

You a pgnant: Ashwagandha may induc abotion. You a taking sdativs: Ashwagandha may incas sdativ cts.

Th ashwagandha plant is a small shub with yllow lows that’s nativ tIndia and Noth Aica. xtacts powd om th plant’s oot lavs a usd ttat a vaity conditions.

Additionally, in on ou-wk study in popl with schizophnia, thos tatd with ashwagandha had an avag duction in asting blood suga lvls 13.5 mg/dL, compad t4.5 mg/dL in thos whcivd a placb(5).

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