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Oth advs vnts that hav bn potd with hydochloothiazid, without gad tcausality, a listd blow:

Quncy not potd : v, chills, othostatic cts, acial dma, upp xtmity dma, xtmity swlling, haing abnomality, a pain

In a cass, Avalid can caus a condition that sults in th bakdown skltal muscl tissu, lading tkidny ailu. Call you doctight away i you hav muscl pain, tndnss, waknss spcially i you alshav v, nausa vomiting, and dak colod uin.

I you hav an allgy tibsatan, hydochloothiazid, any oth pat Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid). I you a allgic tany dugs lik this on, any oth dugs, oods, oth substancs. Tll you doctabout th allgy and what signs you had, lik ash; hivs; itching; shotnss bath; whzing; cough; swlling ac, lips, tongu, thoat; any oth signs. I you a taking dotilid. I you hav kidny disas. I you a not abl tpass uin. I you a taking a dug that has aliskin in it and you alshav high blood suga (diabts) kidny poblms. Chck with you doctphamacist i you a not su i a dug you tak has aliskin in it. I you a bast-ding plan tbast-d.

2. “Poduct Inomation. Avalid (hydochloothiazid-ibsatan).” Bistol-Mys Squibb, Pincton, NJ.

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