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The following drugs are physically incompatible with clindamycin phosphate ampicillin sodium, phenytoin sodium, barbiturates, aminophylline, calcium gluconate, and magnesium sulfate.

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Inctions th spiatoy Tact: Nonpnicillinas-poducing H. inlunza and staphylococci, and stptococci including stptococcus pnumonia .

Hpatic sid cts hav includd a cass hpatitis, cholstasis, and lvatd AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT). Glutamic oxalactic tansaminas is lasd at intamuscula injction sits; thincasd SGOT is not ncssaily purchase finpecia regrowth a hpatic sid ct.

Tansint incass in liv unction tsts and chonic cholstasis hav aly bn associatd with ampicillin. Acut pancatitis has bn potd and conimd by challng with ampicillin in a patint in whom th was noth obvious caus pancatitis.

Whn oth dugs a lss ctiv: Whn ctain dugs a usd with ampicillin, thy may not wok as wll. This is bcaus th amount ths dugs in you body may b dcasd. xampls includ:

Inctions th spiatoy Tact: Nonpnicillinas-poducing H. inlunza and staphylococci, and stptococci including stptococcus pnumonia .

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mechanisms of resistance to imipenem and ampicillin in enterococcus faecalis.

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